The Puget Sound Difference

Who is looking out for your best interests? At Puget Sound Retirement Services, we are committed to fiduciary excellence – meaning we act solely in our clients’ best interests. Any advice or recommendations we give are delivered in a prudent manner and reflect your specific investments goals, risk tolerance, and time frame.

We define our service with the three Cs of Character, Competence, and Courage. By exhibiting these qualities, we’re better able to help our clients make sound financial decisions toward a secure retirement.


We always expect the best from ourselves and our clients. We strive to give each client dedicated attention with regular meetings, typically quarterly or on an as-needed basis.


We have knowledge and experience guiding clients through ever-changing markets. Our process begins with finding out where our clients want to go and then devising the most effective route to get them there. We monitor their progress toward goals and make adjustments as needed.


We believe in an analytical approach to investing. Rather than overreact to market movement, we stay disciplined to the financial objectives set forth during volatile periods in the markets.

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